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Proper Puppy Planning: How to Prep Your Home for a Four-Legged Friend

Puppy Planning
About 89.7 million dogs have homes and families in America, and that number is expected to grow. This is great news for our furry friends! But if you're thinking about adopting a puppy of your own, make sure it's not bad news for your household! We've talked about DIY home improvement before. Consider this your DIY lesson on how to prepare for a puppy! Bringing home a puppy can be so exciting that we forget all the steps to take in preparation. There are things you will need to do beforehand that will not only ensure your puppy's health and safety but also prevent your home from becoming a disaster zone. Read on for all of your puppy planning needs and learn what are the cleanest dog breeds to have in your new home.

How to Organize Your Room

Horizon Master Bedroom - Lago Mar
Did you know that disorganization (not lack of space) accounts for 80% of household clutter? Given this statistic, it's no surprise that bedroom organization is usually at the top of homeowners' New Year's Resolutions. However, plans to organize are often cut short or never started, as finding a place for all your stuff feels like the plot of the next Mission: Impossible movie. So, how can you turn words into action? How can you face your fears and make the dream of an organized room a reality? Fortunately, there are some easy ways to bring immediate organization to any room and make clutter seem way less scary. Keep reading for 11 tips on how to organize your room, and make this the year you kiss chaos goodbye.

Timing is Everything!

Meridian Exterior - Lakeside at Teserra
Even during these unprecedented times, timing is everything when it comes to buying a new home. With interest rates at an all-time low, you can now buy more home with your money. With today’s rates, you can save money on your monthly mortgage with your new home purchase.

Do New Construction Homes Have Better Resale Value

Kimbell Exterior - Ridgeview Farms (2)
The average American owns three different homes in their lifetime. Maybe you're accepting a new job in a different city, you're moving somewhere warm to retire, or maybe you just want a little more space. Whatever your reasons are for selling your home, most people buy more than one house in their lifetime. When it's time to sell your home, you'll want to sell it for the highest resale value that you can. So, what will give you a bigger return on your investment... a new construction home or a home that's already built? Keep reading to find out!

8 Affordable Kitchen Decor Ideas for Your New Kitchen

Kimbell Kitchen - Ridgeview Farms
Looking to start decorating your new kitchen? We have eight affordable kitchen decor ideas to inspire you to decorate your dream kitchen! Kitchens are where we cook, gather, and make memories — it’s no wonder they call it the heart of a home. And when it’s time to upgrade your kitchen decor, you want it to reflect your style and personality. There are many stylish upgrades you can make without busting your budget. To put the pizzazz into your kitchen, let’s look at 8 affordable kitchen decor ideas you can do today.

6 Easy Tips for Saving for a House

Couple Working with Realtor
Buying a house is such a big step in your life. One of the challenges of buying a home is saving for a down payment. Fortunately, there are ways you can save for a home and make it easy. Read on to learn the top tips for saving for a house.

Everyone Needs a Place to Call Home

Horizon Exterior - Lago Mar
Home. A place where you feel safe. Where you feel love. Home is a shelter for your family and your personal sanctuary. No matter what circumstances are unfolding outside, home keeps us grounded. It’s an essential part of who we are. Everyone needs a place to call home. That’s why during this challenging time, we are open for business. We will not let your new home dream fade, because everyone needs a place to call home.

Don’t Slow Down Your New Home Search

Smart Home
Did you know you can still tour our homes in-person and online? Ready for an online tour? Grab your phone or laptop and use Skype, Facetime, Zoom or any other app. Our staff will set you up with a virtual tour from the comfort of your couch. Looking to Browse? We offer tours of most of our floorplans online, in our convenient Virtual Tour Gallery. You are the director of your own tours, as you virtually “walk through” our homes! Want to see a home in-person? Come in for a one-on-one private tour of a model home or any of our move-in ready homes. We’re Here for you!

Shopping & Buying a House Online

Gray Point Homes Website
You can tour and buy a home online, when you use our convenient digital tools. Buying a new home online is like buying a new car - what you see is what you get – all new and all under warranty. So, don’t put your new home search on hold. Contact us to schedule a video tour or to set up a private, one-on-one appointment and let us help you find your dream home today!

5 Things a New Home Has That the Others Don't

Driskill Exterior - Trinity Oaks
In 2018, 617,000 newly constructed houses were sold in the U.S. With a number of advantages to buying a new home rather than an older one, the number of new construction homes sold has been steadily rising since 2010. Is it time for you to buy a new house? Are you trying to decide between buying a new construction home and buying an older, existing house? Let's take a look at five of the reasons why new home construction might be the right choice for you.

Begin Your Search for a Homebuilder

Driskill Exterior - Katy Trails
Now that you know all the advantages a brand-new home has over a used house, your next step is to choose a homebuilder. Narrowing your search for a builder can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you are a first-time homebuyer. Take the guesswork out of this task and learn what to look for – and what to ask – on your journey to find a builder for your new home.

How Long Does it Take to Build a New Construction Home?

House Framing
A misconception of buying a new construction home is that your only option is to wait several months to get a brand-new home in a neighborhood that you love. Luckily, this is not always the case, so if you have a few months to buy – or just a few days – you can have the new construction home you’ve always wanted!

New Construction Homes vs. Resale House

Driskill Exterior - Sterling Lakes
Today’s new homes offer more benefits than ever before. Check out our list of reasons why a new construction home is better than a used home and why so many homebuyers prefer new homes to used houses.

What to Expect at Your New Home Tour Appointment

Driskill Exterior - Trinity Oaks
Your VIP Tour is an opportunity to learn more about your builder, the community and meet your new home salesperson. Scheduling a VIP New Home Tour assures you that someone will be on-site to answer all of your questions and show you around the model home and the neighborhood.

Discover Why Locals Love Living in Austin Texas

Austin (1)
Austin, TX has continuously been voted the best place to live in the United States. Austin is known around the country as being an awesome place that many aspire to relocate to. What is it that makes Austin so great? Well, there are so many things! There is something for everyone in Austin, TX. Keep reading for more about what it's like living in Austin, Texas and why you should move there.

Making the Most of Your Living Space When Entertaining

Kimbell Living Room - Paloma
Are you hosting a party but have no idea what to do with the furniture in the room? If your living space is smaller and you have more furniture, you should consider moving it to a different room. If your room designated for entertainment is bigger, you'll still have to do some rearranging to make sure people can move around, mingle, and dance. Keep reading to learn how to make the best of your space when entertaining and throw a party everyone will talk about.

Summer Interior Design Trends: What's In and What's Out

Latitude Family Room - Oaks San Gabriel
Summer is just around the corner, and what better way to get in the mood for those long sunny days than by giving your home a fresh new look. This year the interior design buzz is all about nature. From deep ocean blues to spring leaf greens and coral pinks. The hot new interior design trends of 2019 are going to reflect Mother Nature at her most vibrant. Read on to find out more about what's in and what's out in summer 2019.

6 Must Have Tips For Your Home Exterior

Meyerson Exterior - Paloma
Your new home features a beautiful, easy to maintain exterior. We’ve got some easy tips to make your new home welcoming and inviting. You can easily increase the welcoming nature of your house and yard by using these 6 tips to up your game when it comes to the home exterior.

The Best Low-Maintenance Plants For Easy Landscaping

Driskill Exterior - Trinity Oaks
The grass is greener when you own a Gray Point Home! With so many different plants available for consumers, it's a cinch to find some easy landscaping plants that will spruce up the look of your curb appeal. Check out these awesome, easy plants that are sure to make your yard and your home stand out from the crowd.