Top 5 Hallway Decorating Tips to Make it Feel Less Empty

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Whether you've built your home or bought an existing house, it doesn't feel like home until you make it your own. It's easy to customize bedrooms, kitchens, and living rooms, but the hardest place to decorate in most homes is the hallway.

With little or no room for furniture, how do you make it fit your style?

All you need is a bit of creativity. Even the tightest hallway can stand a bit of decor.

Here are some tips to help you conquer your hallway decorating struggles:

1. Install Corner Shelves

Hallway corners can look empty and bland. For a touch of style as well as some extra storage, try installing some small corner shelves.

One popular choice is to place a few floating shelves made of reclaimed wood. You could also go for a more modern material if that's more of your style. If you're a fan of DIY, it's easy to make your own corner shelves.

2. Craft a Portrait Wall

Portrait walls are having a massive moment in the spotlight, and they're easy to execute. Hit up a thrift store or craft store and find a wide variety of frames. You don't want them to look the same, but you want them to look like "cousins."

For a modern look, use these frames to hang a variety of family photos in black and white. Full-color photos may look too uncoordinated when they're all together.

If you want a unique twist on this idea, use the same method but hang mirrors instead of family photos. As an added bonus, the mirrors will reflect light to give you a bright yet energy-efficient hallway.

3. Install Wainscoting

If you want to add a touch of texture to your hallway, try installing a pattern of wainscoting on the walls. This is an easy and inexpensive DIY project that puts your own twist on the space without adding bulk.

4. Add an Accent Wall

Accent walls are popular in many types of rooms: homeowners paint a room with neutral colors except for one brighter or more unique wall. You can do the same in your hallway by changing the color on one wall. Wallpaper with a modern design can do the trick as well.

We do have one caution, though: be careful about the color. Dark colors will make the already tight space look smaller, so keep it light and airy.

5. Make Your Own Art

Want to hang a massive art piece in your hallway but don't have thousands to spend on it? You can make your own with no painting experience required.

Find a giant frame or make your own by attaching beautiful trim pieces to the wall in a rectangle shape. Then install wallpaper in the area inside the frame. Voila, a beautiful piece of art with minimal expense.

Hallway Decorating Ideas for Any Home

Some homeowners view hallways as dead space and necessary evils. With a little creativity like the ideas above, you can turn the hallway into a beautiful space that carries your style throughout the home.

If you need to find that dream home before you can get on with hallway decorating, contact us to search for your new home.

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