How to Decorate Your Front Porch to Make it More Welcoming

1.17 Front Porch Decor

When visitors come to your home, the front porch is one of the first things they see. A great front porch can be a comfortable and inviting space that makes your guests feel welcomed.

Having a front porch decor that matches your home's style is important. Since most porches aren't very large, it's a simple way to create a beautiful area that people will enjoy and you will love.

So whether you're sprucing up your front porch for guests, potentials buyers, or you want it to look nice for yourself, here are a few ideas that get you started.

Fresh Paint

A new coat of paint will always make any space look better. It's a quick way to introduce change and it doesn't cost you a lot, either.

Try to use neutral colors. While a bright, vivid color palette may look good for now, you may find yourself growing tired of red or yellow or green everytime you step up on the porch. Besides, there are plenty of other ways to add color...

A Great Front Door

Your front door should be inviting and noticeable. This will make your guests feel welcomed.

This is a chance to use some color, so your front porch isn't lost in a neutral palette. Red and green doors have gained popularity over the years and are noticeable from a long way away.

Front doors with glass panels can add a style that makes your house look warm and inviting.

Flower Arrangements

Nothing says natural and inviting quite like fresh flowers. They give you a chance to add more color to your porch and show off your gardening skills as well.

Hanging pots are okay, but if you want to wow your visitors, then think about adding some permanent flower pots to your space. If you have a window, flower boxes can add a quaintness to your entry. Otherwise, find some decorative, durable planters.

Don't focus on blooms, either. Evergreens and even small fruiting trees can give your front porch a unique look.

New Lighting

Chances are, your porch already has lighting on it, but why not upgrade to something new and fresh?

Laterns, be them gas or electric, are always a popular choice to light the way. You can also string nice lights around the border of your porch for an accent.

If you have a porch roof with an overhead light, go all out and find a great outdoor chandelier or fan/light combination for a more relaxing. feel.

Add a Mirror

This may seem like an odd tip, but if you have a small space, it's worth trying.

Interior designers will tell you that adding a mirror to a space will make it appear larger. The same goes for small outdoor areas as well. The mirror will act as a window, adding depth and interest to an otherwise cramped porch.

Find Your Front Porch Decor

There are tons of ways to make your front porch decor shine for yourself and your visitors. Experiment with different ideas and you'll be sure to find a style that you love.

For more tips on how to make your home shine, you should read our blog. Creating the perfect home is an ongoing process, so never stop trying new things!

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