6 Must Have Tips For Your Home Exterior

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Your new home features a beautiful, easy to maintain exterior. We’ve got some easy tips to make your new home welcoming and inviting.

You can easily increase the welcoming nature of your house and yard by using these 6 tips to up your game when it comes to the home exterior.

1. Stay on Top of Maintenance

If you mow more often, your lawn looks clean cut and fresh every day of the week. It takes less time to mow the yard if the grass isn't too tall, and you won't dislike the chore as much.

Spend time mowing on a more frequent basis, and you'll appreciate how easy it to keep the lawn maintained. And it will look nicer all the time, rather than if you wait until it really needs it.

2. Refresh Your Mulch

Give your home a quick facelift and spread new mulch. Mulch keeps weeds away and helps the flower beds and landscaping look clean and organized.

If it's been a while since you mulched, take the time to remove the old so that the beds don't look too full. You'll also avoid the weird look of mixed mulch colors that way.

3. Decorate the Porch

Your house will look fresh and inviting when you spend a little time curating the porch. You want it to look approachable and not cluttered. Here are some great tips for getting it ready for summer.

4. Power Wash

You can do this in the spring, or hire someone to have it done. You'll be amazed how much cleaner and brighter the siding or external part of the house looks when you give it a much-needed bath. It's not too expensive to rent a power washer, if you want to save money and do it yourself.

5. Buy Annual Flowers

Annual flowers make your home look cheery, and they give it a brighter feel for spring and summer. Different types of plants bloom all throughout the summer, so you can refresh these a few times and keep the welcoming aspect all season long.

If you don't have a green thumb or don't like getting dirty, there's an easy way to switch these out. Get some plant stands, and buy hanging baskets. Then you can lift down the last hanging basket that's no longer flowering, and hang the new basket without any fuss.

6. Light up Your Home Exterior

Use lighting to keep the outside of your home looking nice. Even inexpensive solar lights to line paths or flower beds close to the house will warm up an exterior. Use these or outdoor string lights to give your home a facelift.

Stay Beautiful This Summer

If you're ready for a more well-kept home exterior, you've got all the tips you need. Whether you focus on upkeep every day or only every weekend, staying on top of the outdoor look of the house as well as the indoor chores makes you abode welcoming and fresh.

Use mulch, porch decor, outdoor lights, and annual flowers to get quick refreshers for the landscaping at home.

For more exterior home tips, including first-time gardening ideas, read more on our blog.

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