Living Room Design: The Top Living Room Ideas

Latitude Living Room - Verona

'Come on in. Make yourself at home.' We all enjoy saying that when our friends and family visit. And, wouldn't it be nice to do that when your living room's right up to date?

We're here to show you what's in and what's out for this year.

With our list of living room ideas, we'll help you make the perfect haven to lounge and chill in. And, we'll give you the tips you need to encapsulate the best in tasteful home decor.

Put Color at the Heart of Your Living Room Ideas

Neutral colors are out, so you can be brave this year and choose something moody, like brooding purple and navy or an eye-catching emerald green.

Dark colors don't have to make a room look small if they're used in the right way. Try a feature wall with a big bold color. It's a clever way to add a splash of color to the most modest sized living room.

Velvety Sofas

This year, it's not just paint choices that have become more adventurous. 2019 is the year of velvet for living room furniture. Alive with luxury, velvet has a tactile appeal that endears you to it. Velvet sofas are not just comfortable, they're made for touching.

Chairs and Corner Sets

A classic corner arrangement is still right up there when it comes to sofa design.

They can give a feeling of space and many ranges offer storage solutions in the chaise end: great if you're short of space. Occasional chairs are proving popular, and modern styling trends mean there's no need to match them to your sofa's color. Be brave and try greens, yellow, or teal.

Statement Flooring

So you have your feature wall, how about your feature floor? Wooden flooring has become a classic component in many homes over the years. Think of it as a canvas longing to show off that colorful rug. Think tartan, stripes or even Moroccan to spice up your floor and give it a warmer feel.

Accessorize Your Living Room Furnishings

Just like icing a cake, adding accessories to your living room will give it extra style and that 'lived in' feel. Cozy, colorful oversized cushions, a soft blanket over the arm of a chair or even a sheepskin throw will all add character. Play with positioning them until you feel they've found their natural place.

Light up Your Living Room

Many people overlook it, but lighting really can make or break the most beautiful living room.

A bright high voltage ceiling light can kill an entire room with the flick of a switch. Take a gradual approach. Try a few table lamps first and add to them if you need to with some floor and wall lights. The golden rule is not to overpower your living room with bright and harsh ceiling lights.

2019 Means More Freedom

This year brings with it a sense of freedom to experiment with braver colors, making it a great time to try out new living room ideas.

We're here to help you turn your house into the home you deserve. We'd love to hear from you.

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