5 Things to Consider When Buying Curtains for Your New Home

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It's the little things that make or break a room design: rugs, art, decorative pillows, etc. One thing that people underestimate in terms of importance for completing a room is curtains.

Curtains are not only practical in terms of privacy and adjusting lighting, but they're also large and noticeable, which means picking the right ones is crucial for maintaining a room's aesthetic.

Before you buy, read these tips on buying curtains for your home.

1. Type of Fabric

Cotton, linen, silk, and linen-silk blends are the most common fabrics used for curtains. Each has pros and cons:

Cotton curtains require little maintenance and tend to be a bit cheaper. They're also a bit heavier and thicker, which means they'll be good at blocking light, insulating heat, and offer more privacy.

Silk curtains can be a bit more expensive, but they add an element of elegance to a room. Silk can be easily damaged by sunlight, however, so consider what type of exposure they'll get. They're also quite sheer and won't offer much privacy.

Linen curtains are somewhere in between cotton and silk. They're not as opaque as cotton but not as sheer as silk. They'll provide a bit more privacy than silk, but definitely not as much as cotton.

Research each fabric type before you buy so you know if the window treatment will serve all your wants and needs.

2. Window Length and/or Size

Not all curtain options will be offered in the size and length of the window or door you need curtains for. Be sure to take measurements of the windows/doors before you buy to avoid any buyer's remorse.

3. Curtain Style

The practicality of the curtains are important: you want them to give you enough privacy, temperature control, and light control. However, you also want to keep the aesthetics and style in mind.

Think about the color scheme of the room, whether you want a solid color or patterned curtains, along with the style of the fabric and pleating.

4. Cleaning Options

Between mortgage payments, raising kids, taking care of pets, and finding time for yourself, not everyone wants to add "intense curtain maintenance" to their to-do list. Think about how much time and effort you want to put into your curtains, as this can affect what type, style, and the material curtain that you buy.

5. When to Go Custom

If you have very specific needs and wants, combined with strange/specific window measurements, it might be better to get custom window treatments. These will fit your window and your home's aesthetic like a glove, and will really benefit the entire room's design.

Buying Curtains: 5 Things to Consider

Buying curtains might seem like just another list of your things to do, but it actually requires careful thought and planning. Besides thinking about the practical side of your curtains, you also want them to be nice to look at, considering you'll probably be looking at them for years to come.

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