The Best Low-Maintenance Plants For Easy Landscaping

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The grass is greener when you own a Gray Point Home!

With so many different plants available for consumers, it's a cinch to find some easy landscaping plants that will spruce up the look of your curb appeal.

Check out these awesome, easy plants that are sure to make your yard and your home stand out from the crowd.

Plant a Barberry Shrub

This charming plant is totally deer-resistant and has thorny stems. Once it's in the ground, it is a breeze to keep up with little maintenance. 

The thorns also make an excellent border plant for a little bit of added security. Some varieties change color, making this shrub a gorgeous choice to enjoy as the seasons begin to morph. 

Try a Smoke Tree for Easy Landscaping

The smoke tree can be grown as a large shrub, or you can plant it as a small tree depending on your preference. This incredible tree boasts reddish-purple leaves that turn a striking scarlet red in the fall season.

This unique tree or shrub also produces small smoky-purple clusters of seeds that give it added visual interest and texture. Just make sure you look up your zone for more detailed care instructions.

Add Luscious Color with Peonies

Peonies are large and extremely fragrant flowers with herbal undertones. They come in an assortment of gorgeous hues ranging from dusty pinks to purple.

You can plant these incredible flowers with other plants to create a mixed garden or plant them throughout your yard as an accent plant. It's best to plant them in the spring or fall for the best results.

Create a Bold Look with Hawthorn Trees

Hawthorn trees are native to many parts of the United States and make excellent easy landscaping plants. The leaves of this tree turn a deep red to purple in the fall, and they produce delicate white flowers in the spring.

This tree also produces a unique orange-red fruit in the spring that typically lasts into winter. They make excellent additions to homes of all styles and look beautiful planted randomly in larger yards.

Spice Things Up with Ornamental Grass

One wonderful thing about ornamental grasses is that they add tons of awesome texture and movement to your landscaping. Some are tall and light brown in color while others may be a darker green or even yellow.

Ornamental grass typically likes full sun or light shade, particularly in areas where the summers are especially hot. As it grows, it moves with the wind to give your landscaping a wistful look.

Landscaping Can Be Simple

With these simple suggestions, you can transform the look of your home from drab to dramatic. Try some of these easy landscaping plants to bring your yard to life.

Whether it's a flowering tree to ornamental grass, try planting things that are self-sustainable once they're established in your yard.

For more information about helpful gardening tips and more, be sure to visit our website. 

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