7 Creative Spare Room Ideas for Your Extra Bedroom

3.28 Secondary Bedroom

Have you bought a new home? Has a child moved out? Perhaps you added a room onto your current home. Whatever the reason, you now have a spare room on your hands.

A spare room is a good problem to have because it gives you a lot of potential ways to use the space. Now you have to ask yourself what the best spare room ideas are. We'll give you a few ideas in the paragraphs below.

1. Home Office/Studio

One of the classic ways to use a spare room is to make it into a home office. Everybody needs a place to work, and sometimes the opportunity to get away from it all is all you need.

What if you're the creative type? Perhaps you're a musician or an artist, or even a writer? In any case, you may want to invest in a home studio. One of the greatest things you can do for yourself is to give yourself a place to work and time to devote to your passion.

2. Library/Reading Room

A library can be a loaded term When somebody mentions a library, we imagine a scene from Harry Potter or Beauty and the Beast, but libraries don't necessarily have to be large.

It can be any room devoted to books and reading. Still, to avoid confusion, some just refer to them as reading rooms. Either way, there have been some truly amazing ways people have designed these rooms.

3. Rec Room/Game Room

Rec stands for recreation, so treating a game room like a separate idea feels like splitting hairs. All the same, it's an awesome idea. Whether your thing is billiards or video games, a rec room is a perfect place for it.

Maybe you want to go classic with a pool table, a card deck, and poker chips or any other games that come to mind. Perhaps you're more of a videogamer, and would prefer a large TV and game system.

4. Mini Bar

For those who are fond of nightlife, and maybe even like to host parties, there's the option of a mini bar. Minibars are a great place to talk, laugh, and catch up with friends.

Plus, wine collecting has become somewhat of a popular hobby. A minibar seems like a natural extension to that.

5. Walk-in Closet

As much as people like to joke about the idea of having a gigantic closet, you have to admit there's some merit to the idea. With all the clothes we go through in the span of a few years, let alone a lifetime, using just a dresser or clothing rack can be a bit inconvenient.

A bigger closet means more storage space, which means that things may be a lot easier to find.

6. Gym

America is going through an obesity epidemic, and the natural effect is a health craze. As things get more convenient, it's becoming more necessary for us to exercise so that we can stay in shape.

Having a home gym is a perfect remedy because it's one less excuse to pass up exercising. We all know exercising is good for us, but we all find a reason to skip from time to time. Having a gym inside your home makes it that much easier.

7. Guest Bedroom

The final space on this list goes to probably the most common spare room ideas out there. It seems like nearly everybody opts to keep their extra bedroom, and there's nothing wrong with that.

We're all likely to have guests at some point in our life, so it's useful to have an extra bedroom. Perhaps you're planning on starting a family. Or maybe you like to entertain. Either way, a guest bedroom may be the best option.

Spare Room Ideas

There are a lot of great spare room ideas, and which is right for you all depends on your personality and what you would benefit most from. Whether you're an artist, a gym rat, a bookworm or a socialite, there's an idea out there for you.

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