5 Simple Landscape Designs to Make Your Yard Look Incredible

Landscape Designs

Gardening has huge health benefits including helping to reduce stress.

But, many of us associate gardening with retirement as, while you're working, it's hard to find the time to get into the great outdoors. So, if you simply don't have time to put in the hard work it takes to make your yard look incredible, we have some tips for you.

These simple landscape design ideas will make it look like you put in a lot of effort. Let's get going:

1. Switch High Maintenance Grass for Low Maintenance Concrete

Paving over concrete certainly isn't the most environmentally friendly option for your yard. But, it certainly is a lot easier than having a large lawn.

A patio reduces your need to water and cut the grass every week. This will save you loads of time at the weekend or after a hard day at work.

If you're not into the idea of adding concrete to your garden, then why not choose another material. For example, timber.

By building any decking whatsoever, you'll be adding a great place for your family to sit and reducing how many weeds you need to pull!

2. Astroturf Saves Your Back from Cutting Grass

The age-old saying rings true for the lazy gardener - fake it until you make it. Again, synthetic grass isn't especially eco-friendly, but it looks great.

If you still want the vibe and lush green look that grass brings, fake it! No one has to know... until they step out onto it at least.

3. Forget Flowers - Shrubs are Your Best Friend

If you don't have a green thumb then you can forget flowers in your garden. However, shrubs are very easy to maintain and many also flower. Consider:

  • Landscape rose bushes - make sure to choose the landscape variety otherwise such bushes won't be low maintenance anymore.
  • Hydrangeas - choose the oakleaf for a shrub that blossoms all year round.
  • Blue Star Juniper - talk about easy yet unique looking shrubbery.

By visiting your local gardening store, you'll be able to find out which shrubbery is best for your local climate.

4. Succulents are Fashionable 

Ask the teenagers of today, succulents are back in style. These plants are great for your garden as they are hard-wearing and look great.

But, they certainly do need soil which is aerated. Perhaps not as easy as astroturf but they'll spice up your yard.

5. Create Multiple Pathways to Break Up the Grass

If you want to keep your lawn but want to somehow reduce the burden of cutting it every week, then break it up.

You can add in gorgeous pathways from stone which will make your yard look incredible. In every section, add a new feature. For example, a water feature or a flowering shrub.

Simple Landscape Tips are Easy to Find 

Keeping your yard easy to maintain will require some creativity and thought. But, with these simple landscape tips, you'll be freeing up your weekend in no time at all.

Are you looking for a new home? We can help you out - get in touch with us today and we'll offer you expert advice.

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